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WOAH Friday 17/04/2020

WOAH Team or single - Ten rounds (each)

2 minutes

200 m row or 40 double unders

(you should be aiming for approx one minute lifting after transition from the

row or skips. Adjust to suit your own requirements)

into maximum reps of either:

  1. Squat clean (weight to suit)

  2. Kettlebell or dumbbell squat clean

  3. Medball squat clean or odd object

in time remaining.

Keep score throughout and try and remain consistent

Rest two minutes

Ten rounds each

Partner version

Partner A works first two minutes, Partner B works next two minutes, complete ten rounds each. (i.e., partner B works in what would be the rest 2 minutes for partner A)

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1 Comment

250/200m row. Med ball cleans 9/5 kg. Well that certainly rockets the heart rate!!

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