• Ron McKinstray

WOAH 31/03/2020

Good morning on the last day of March. Hoping you are all well, both physically and mentally and using your home workouts to give yourself some focus to the day.

I know that a lot of you are connected online with family and friends but today I would like to ask you to maybe check on anyone you haven’t heard from, check they okay and enquire if they need anything.

CrossFit have announced that they will be realising three classic workouts, every Friday for three weeks. These are suitable for everyone and will allow for a bit of competition through the CrossFit Open Leaderboard.

WOAH as easy as 1,2,3

24 min Amrap

1: Either row 150m - cycle 350m - skip 30secs


2: 12 deadlift - either bar, kettlebell,

dumbbell or anything you can pick up. (a small child could be useful)


3: 9 push press - as above or substitute with push-ups

Want to go team?

A’s round starts on number 1

B’s round starts on number 2

Start each round together

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