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WOAH 29/03/2020


Today’s home workout has been doing the rounds on social media. It never seemed more appropriate at this time to show our support for the NHS.

NHS Hero WOD (Founded 5th July 1948)

12 rounds (scale to suit or go team and complete

24 double unders in turn)

Weighted version (choose weights to suit)

5 HSPU (sub 5 shoulder press)

7 Devil’s Press

19 KB / Dumbbell squats

48 double unders

Bodyweight version

5 push-ups

7 sit-ups

19 squats

48 double unders.

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1 comentário

30 de mar. de 2020

Rx with 22.5kg DBs. One of the toughest WODs I’ve had the pleasure of doing, have to channel my inner Iain Robin and go taps aff!! Time: 41’41”

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