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WOAH 26/03/2020

Good morning everyone. Day six for those staying at home, day six for those still out there making sure at least part of the world still turns.

Hope everyone is coping and finding ways to get through the day. Make sure you take time to smile and laugh, it really is great medicine.

If you aren’t doing anything else at eight pm tonight , remember to Clap for Carers outside. Let’s show support and solidarity.


Based on the Alan Wells Fitness/Speed Circuits Programme

Complete round of the Home CrossFit warm up

4 x 30 seconds x 10 rounds

1st thirty: 10 Air squats

2nd thirty : 10 push-ups

3rd thirty : 10 alt V sit-ups

4th thirty : rest

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2 komentarze

George Charlwood
George Charlwood
26 mar 2020

This was quite easy but then I went onto the bonus after about 5mins rest


26 mar 2020

11am Nice to train in my socks for a change Upped the reps 15-12-16 6pm Bonus WOD 7min x 3 rounds 21-15-9 Cal row Burpee Over rower 🤮🤮🤮🤮

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