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WOAH 25/03/2020

It’s Wednesday and the weather has taken a slight down turn. But wait, it makes no difference because you are not going out anyway - right?

Hope you are all smashing the WOAHs and doing some extra exercise over and above. This is a great opportunity to do that little extra, you don’t have much else to do after all. Grab this chance with both hands and enjoy.

Of course if you are a Key Worker you are out there on the frontline and we salute you. From those in the NHS that are face to face with this virus through to the shop staff, sitting at a checkout wondering if their next customer is the one that is infected, you all deserve more thanks than we can ever give you.

Today’s WOAH

(Based on the world famous Royal Canadian Air Force Fitness Plan)

3 rounds of:

1 min bend & stretch

1 min sit-ups (towel of abmat)

1 min back extensions (towel or abmat)

1 min push-ups

1 min air squats

2 mins jog on the spot

2 mins rest between rounds

Make a mental note of reps for each exercise and try and match each round.

  • Bend & Stretch : Stand with feet apart, arms stretched above your head. Bend forwards to touch the floor, then stretch up and bend backwards. Bend knees if needed. Repeat for two minutes.

  • Jog : lift each leg four inches of the floor

Coaches Note : just because there are no weights involved in this circuit, do not dismiss it. Give it a go, and by that I mean try and score as many reps each round. Push it to the limit.

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