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WOAH 22/03/2020

Sunday Funday WOAH

Hope everyone is staying safe and is well. Also hope you are enjoying the home workouts. I appreciate that it’s not the same as getting in to the gym but times must

It’s Sunday and time for a bit of fun.

A simple WOAH but it should still hit a spot.

WOAH 24 minute AMRAP

The WOAH starts downstairs

10 reverse weighted lunges

Take your weight and walk briskly upstairs

10 thrusters with you weight

Take your weight back downstairs


Weight can be dumbbell, kettlebell, disk or a back pack loaded with water bottles or anything that makes it challenging.

If you stay in a flat. Go half way down the stairs and back again

If you stay in a bungalow, find something 12” high to step up and down on thirteen times.

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Phil 13 steps 9kg med ball 14 +10, Joan 14 steps 5kg med ball 18 + 5. Ugh! Trying to go downstairs afterwards was an unexpected challenge.

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