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Weekly Well Done & Next Week 12/12/2022

Well that was a cold week in the box but well done for coming out and smashing it as always! We appreciate the effort. Also a big well done to everyone who took part in the Powerlifting for Prostate Cancer. There was amazing lifts and PB's all over the place so we are super proud of your hard work it is paying off!

Next week ... its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. This will be the start of the Christmas workouts leading up to Christmas Day.

Monday 12/12/22 - Rhodolf Lead the Way

This is a great way to start the week. Looking at a 30 min AMRAP with a sneaky wee buzzer every 3 minutes.

Tuesday 13/12/22 - Dancer & Dasher

21-15-9 reps (twist on Diane) into 5 rounds of max effort. I have nothing else to say apart from have fun its a good one.

Wednesday 14/12/22 - Comet

This EMOM for 30 mins will keep you moving in this cold weather.

Thursday 15/12/22 - Prancer & Cupid

21-15-9 reps (twist on Fran) into 10 rounds for time. Safe to say your legs won't work the way they used to before ... but don't worry its not heavy weights its just going to burn.

Friday 16/12/22 - Vixen & Blitzen

This team workout with work on that grip strength. Also a Blitzen Sleigh Ride to finish you off.

Saturday 17/12/22 - Classic CrossFit Christmas Edition

The Classic CrossFit workout strikes again but with a Christmas twist from the Grinch.

Sunday 18/12/22 - Strength Session

Sunday session will continue working on that technique following a mini workout or your strength programme you have been following.

Thank you once again to everyone who came in this week and I look forward to seeing you all next week.

CrossFit Scotland Team

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