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Weekly Update 6/2/23

What a hard week that was, a lot of jumping so we appreciate the calves will be sore. All in all well done and thank you for your efforts again.

February Challenge

We have just started this challenge but you can start this whenever you are next in just follow the days as best as possible. This will help improve your upper body strength for pulling movements.

Next Weeks Workouts

"Ally" 6/2/23

This workout is for Ally's 40th Birthday. Happy Birthday Ally. You can all blame him for this beautiful workout. Its a chipper for time with 40 reps on each exercise and a 40 min TC.

"7even" - 7/2/23

7 Exercises, 7 Reps & 7 rounds not the original version but similar to it.

"Free Fall" - 8/2/23

AMRAP in 26 mins. Main version is with the ski-erg but we will give you the option on the day to pick your erg. Reminds me of of the WOD "Helen"

"Evil EMOM" - 9/2/23

Tried and tested by our coach Jim. you can blame him for this Evil EMOM WOD. Looks sneaky but fun. Cardio and bodyweight based.

"Dual Chipper" - 10/2/23

Trie and tested again. This team Friday will be an interesting workout. Chipper style but with a slight twist. Cardio and barbell based.

"Classic CrossFit" - 11/2/23

Classic CrossFit workout led and coach by Neil.

"Strength Session" - 12/2/23

Coached and led by Neil, this session will help you improve technique and strength.

Can't wait to see you all in the gym next week. Some lovely workouts to come in for. Also lets see if we can set a new target of member that come in on one day. Target to beat so far is 89 members. Lets go

CrossFit Scotland Team

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