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Weekly Update - 31/7/23

Well done this week we had some fun / tough workouts in there and you all give them a try and smashed them.

CrossFit Charity Event

We are another week closer to our yearly charity event. Please make sure to sign up and invite as many friends as possible to take part in our challenge.

Next Weeks WOD's

Air Force - 31/7/23

  • Group Warm Up: Mobility Work

  • WOD: For Time: Barbell

  • Group Finisher: Core

Adrian & Strong Margarita - 1/8/23

  • Group Warm Up: Coaches Pick

  • WOD 1: 7RFT: Body Weight Exercises

  • WOD 2: 25 RFT: Barbell Exercises

  • Group Cool Down: Stretches

Queen - 2/8/23

  • Group Warm Up: Coaches Pick

  • WOD: Buy In - Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor & John Deacon - Buy Out

  • Group Finisher: Stretches and Sing A Long

Coffey - 3/8/23

  • Group Warm Up: WOD Prep

  • WOD: For Time (40 min TC) Barbell Work & Cardio

  • Group Cool Down: Stretches

Devil's In Devil's Out - 4/8/23

  • Group Warm Up: Coaches Pick

  • WOD: 3 x 8 AMRAP / 2 mins rest

  • Fun Finisher: Don't Drop The Ball

Classic CrossFit - 5/8/23

  • Coach Aidan will take you through a Classic CrossFit workout.

Strength Session - 6/8/23

  • Coach Neil will take you through your strength programme or you can catch up on a workout you missed during the week.

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays and we can't wait to see you all back soon.

CrossFit Scotland Team

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