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Weekly Update 30/1/23

Well done everyone for taking part in this weeks workouts. There was a few horrible ones in there.

Wednesday was the busiest we have been since lockdown with 89 members coming in to take part in that workout. Target is to get into the 90's next time.

January Challenge

There is only a few days left to get your cals to 2023 by Tuesday night. Well done to everyone that took the challenge on.

February Challenge

This will be up on the challenge board on Wednesday morning for all to take part in. This will be a pull up challenge. Perfect opportunity to improve on upper body strength to get your first strict pull up or to get even stronger for the higher volumed pull up workouts. There will be different variations so don't worry.


We currently have black t-shirts in stock for £15.00, But ... if you introduce a friend to the gym and they join you will receive a free t-shirt to say that you for helping us build our CrossFit Community.

We also have a clothing brochure in the gym which shows you what is available to order.

T-Shirts - Vest Tops - Hoodies - Kids T-Shirts - Baby T-Shirts & Baby Grows. Sizing and prices are in the brochure.

Next Weeks WOD's

"Easy Burner" - Monday 30/1/23

Easy burner is 5 rounds for time. You will need skipping ropes, A barbell and a medball for this one.

"Zero to a Hundred" - Tuesday 31/1/23

Zero to a Hundred has 3 parts to it. No rest between sections. 3 Rounds for part A, 100 for part B and 3 rounds for part C.

"Up & Under" - Wednesday 1/2/23

Up & Under is a 21 minute AMRAP. Cardio, Bodyweight & Weightlifting in one workout gives you a mixture.

"Elbow Grease" & "Metre Hold" - Thursday 2/2/23

Elbow Grease is 3 rounds for time working that core. Metre hold is a test to see if you can maintain your intensity over 3 rounds. 3 different options for the one.

"Kiwi" - Friday 3/2/23

Kiwi is a 29 minute AMRAP. Splitting the reps in teams of 2. This workout includes 2 barbell exercises and 3 cardio based exercises.

"Classic CrossFit" - Saturday 4/2/23

Classic CrossFit workout coach led by Neil.

"Strength Session" - Sunday 5/2/23

Technique followed by Foley's Followers Strength or WOD.

We can't wait to see you all for another fun week in the gym. Remember get throughs cals finished for the January Challenge and get started on February's Challenge on Wednesday.

CrossFit Scotland Team

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