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Weekly Update

Well done this week. There has been some hard workouts in there that you all pushed through and stepped outside your comfort zone.

What's going on in the gym:

January Challenge (2023 Cals in the month)

Well done to everyone who has their name on the board the calories are racking up nicely. If you haven't joined up there is still time to take part just put your name down. Half way through the month but its still achievable!

CrossFit Community Event (Saturday 21st January)

We are still looking for teams (of 2 Male/ Female) and everyone is welcome. If you don't have a teammate we will partner you up on the day.

This is a day to encourage each other/ have fun and meet other members.

If you're interested let us know by messaging / speaking too Megan and she will give you as much information as she can about the day.

There is a sign up sheet on the board and a schedule for timings as well.

Hope to see you all there!

Next Weeks Workouts:

Monday - Tabataaaaaaa

This Tabatha session will kickstart this week with a bang. Work hard and reap the benefits its worth it (20 on / 10 off x 8 - 1 minute rest x 5 exercises)

Tuesday - Devil on my shoulder

This devil on our shoulder will be the Dumbbell. There may also be another devil telling you to stop but ignore it. (AMRAP in 24)

Tuesday - 18:45pm - Skills Class

This skill class will be coach led and we will post what format / exercises we will be working on , on the day

Wednesday - Humpty Dumpty

This workout names says it all, he sat on a wall and had a great ... well not fall but there is a wall involved. (3 RFT & 10-8-6-4-2)

Thursday - Lucky Number 3

Number 3 is all over the place in this workout apart from the rounds (4 RFT)

Friday - Macho Machine

High distance, low reps on the exercises see a lovely twist on the macho man workout (For Time)

Saturday - Classic CrossFit

Classic CrossFit session coached by Neil

Sunday - Strength Session

Technique followed by strength or WOD.

CrossFit Scotland Team

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