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Weekly Catch Up 5/6/23

Well done everyone this week has been a warm one and looks to be the same next week as well. Thank you to everyone who took part this week.

Next Weeks WOD's:

Lift a Little - 5/6/23

Snatches or Cleans you decide on the lift you perform. Followed by a lovely group finisher.

5, 6, 7, 8 - 6/6/23

Overhead squats, Burpees & T2B in this workout. Lovely we 8 rounds for time.

Running Clock - 7/6/23

Cardio DT on a running clock followed by a bro session of cardio and curl & press.

Evil EMOM - 8/6/23

This 25 min EMOM will test your speed, cardio & core strength.

Final Battle - 9/6/23

3 minutes on / 1 minute off x 9. Alternating exercises then sync the third exercise.

Chased by the Bear (Classic CrossFit) 10/6/23

AMRAP in 32 mins you will complete a Barbell Bear, Dumbbell Bear and Slam Ball Bear

Weightlifting - 11/6/23

Snatches will be the weightlifting session. As always you can also come in and complete open gym.

Hope to see you next week.

CrossFit Scotland Team

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