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Weekly Catch Up 28/8/23

Well done everyone there was some long workouts in this week and you all took on the challenge.

Communit Event:

We are looking to do another community event in the near future. This event will be an individual event. Free entry and gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself. Date is still to be confirmed and will let you know as soon as we come up with a date.

Next Weeks WOD's:

End Game - 28/8/23

Chipper styled workout with a mixture of everything.

Intervals & Tick Tock - 29/8/23

Interval training with a CrossFit twist followed by a mini WOD.

Rouge Enduro Challenge - 30/8/23

This is a challenge you should all accept and give a shot. Test yourself

Twelve - 31/8/23

12 rounds but 3 different sections. A mixture of all things CrossFit

Landana - 1/9/23

Well what a way to kick off September with this cracker. DB Complex work. I wouldn't miss it

Classic CrossFit - 2/9/23

Classic CrossFit session coached and programmed by Coach Aidan

Sunday Session - 3/9/23

Catch Up, Strength or Practice work. This is your time to workout on weakness and make them your strengths

Can't wait to see you all next week

CrossFit Scotland Team

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