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Weekly Catch Up - 21/8/23

Another great week in the gym and again great effort as always.

Next Weeks WOD's:

The Bar & The Box - 21/8/23

This workout involves the pull up bar, box and some skipping. This is a workout that will keep you on your toes.

Intervals - 22/8/23

This workout is cardio based and will help you loosen off from Mondays workout. We will work on your aerobic fitness for this workout starting slow and will finish with a sprint.

Hot Air Balloon - 23/8/23

This workout involves a medicine ball, a bike and the barbell. Work to rest ratio.

10 to 2,DB High5 & Plank It - 24/8/23

This workout has three parts to it. Heavy weights, light weights and then bodyweight for the last one. Once you complete the first word continue onto the second and then the third.

Traffic Light - 25/8/23

This workout has your 'Red Light' workout which is low reps heavy weight. ' Amber Light' workout is medium weights medium rep range and "Green Light' workout os light weight high reps.

Classic CrossFit - 26/8/23

Classic CrossFit workout by Coach Aidan.

Sunday Session - 27/8/23

Strength, Catch up or Practice work you decide what you need the most and coach Neil will be there to guide and coach you through it.

Can't wait to see you all again next week

CrossFit Scotland Team

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