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The Learning Curve

“The term learning curve is used in two main ways: where the same task is repeated in a series of trials, or where a body of knowledge is learned over time”.

The Learning Curve has been written about since 1885 but how is it relevant to what we do at CrossFit?

As Coaches we continually strive to improve all the multitude of disciplines that you do in the gym. We offer weightlifting classes every Sunday morning where we repeat the same lifts again and again.

The quote above succinctly describes what you can achieve through repetition. Repeat the same movement through a series of trials, for example trying to improve your technique or lift a heavier load or attending the weightlifting classes to gain better knowledge of how to lift.

Through repetition you will improve, some times improvements are marked and swift, others take time, learning and understanding.

The more we learn the shallower the curve will become. The steep learning curve will be replaced by small improvements and gains. However it is still as important to practice. We all know that practice makes perfect but perfection is an impossible target to reach. That said, we should never stop practicing or striving for perfection.

It was Socrates that said “the wisest people understand they know nothing”.

So grab that bar, kettlebell, wallball or whatever piece of equipment and practice. No matter what the workout of the day is, whether you fancy it or not, turn up, train and repeat. We program to offer you continually varied workouts that are designed to test you. Designed to make you fitter, designed to make you stronger and designed to make you technically better.

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