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February In The Gym

Updated: Jan 31

CrossFit Scotland Member,

Welcome to February!

This is what we have planned for the month of February.


Your strength will change slightly to Strength Endurance. Every 20 secs for:

Beginners 10 reps

Intermediate 15 reps

Rx 20 reps


February Challenge

Your challenge for the month is the Burpee Challenge. There are 3 different pathways you can follow. Beginner, Intermediate & Rx.


Your mobility work will now be Joint Strengthening Work. If you have any questions about the exercises please speak to the Coaches.

Test WOD 2

This months Test WOD is picked by Coach Lindsey. The workout is Jackie, Keep an eye on social media to see Coach Lindsey show you the movements involved.

Weightlifting Weekend - Free

Saturday 24th @ 10am - Clean & Jerk Sunday 25th @ 10am - Snatches

These classes will run for 90 mins based on Technique and learning the movement without being under the pressure of the clock.

We look forward forward to seeing you all in the in the gym in February.

CrossFit Scotland Team

Build A Better You!

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