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Devil's In Devil's Out - 4/8/23

Group Warm Up: Coaches Pick


AMRAP in 8 mins / 2 mins rest

A – Out In Run

B – Max S/A Devil Press

Switch Places – Score = Runs & Reps

AMRAP in 8 mins / 2 mins rest

10 Ball Over Wall

A – 5 Burpees Over DB

Next round B does Burpees Over DB

AMRAP in 8 mins

50 Burpees Over Wall

Max Cal Ski

Switch at any point on Ski-Erg

Fun Finisher: Don’t Drop The Ball

2 wooden poles and a MB per team. Must complete the following without ball dropping but you can’t touch the ball.

· Out in Run / Walk (Start in your box finish in your box)

· 10 Squats

· 10 Presses

· 10 Lunges

· 10 Deadlift

· 10 Throw & Catches

If ball hits the ground or you touch the ball, there will be a penalty decided by coach at end

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