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CrossFit Scotland 6-Week Nutrition Challenge

So, you are training 3 – 6 days a week and ready to up the level?  For the next 6 weeks we are giving you the opportunity to take part in our nutrition challenge. 


Here are some reasons this may be good for you: 

  • You feel lethargic 

  • Feeling sore after most workouts 

  • You train a lot 

  • You want to respect and value your body 

  • You have a busy lifestyle 

  • Etc 


Guess what… there is a reason for EVERY single person to focus on nutrition.  😀


Each week we will give you a different challenge and some information on that particular aspect.  Sometimes it’s about the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ to make the changes.  The idea is that you build on each week to create new healthy habits. 


Each week you will see this following structure: 


How much: 




This is NOT A DIET, it a LIFESTYLE. 


Most important tip:  PLAN.  Each weekend plan how you are going to get you protein in.  Meal preparation and a list will really help. 


Let us know you are up for this. 


Starts Monday 28th August.   


Week 1:  Where to start 


We don't know how to improve if we don't know what to improve.  Week 1 starts with 2 challenges: 

Download My Fitness Pal to record what you are eating, and aiming to eat the right amount of protein each day.

Be honest with your recording of what you are eating... don't lie to your app 😂.


Key facts: 

What:  Daily protein.  (E.g., Chicken (27+g), turkey (23+g), nuts, Greek yogurt, eggs, fish, etc) 

How much:  0.7 – 1g of protein per pound bodyweight (higher strength training higher protein.) 


  • Most important nutrient. 

  • Repair and development of body. 

  • Speeds up recovery 

  • Make up hormones that transmit messages around body. 

  • Makes you feel fuller and therefore reduces snacking which can aid weight loss. 

  • The amino acids can improve mental health (they help to produce neurotransmittersto help regulate thoughts and feelings.) 



  • Base EVERY meal and every snack on this first. 

  • When you wake up – replenish your energy. 

  • After exercise. 


Good luck this week!  Speak to each other and coaches to help keep you accountable.  


Let’s see how you change and feel in 6 weeks time. 

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