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Bonus WOAH

You can only do this if you post pictures of yourself doing it to Facebook (CrossFit Scotland) or Instagram

Bonus WOAH

10 rounds - as intense as possible.

4 calories row or 8 AirDyne or 15 double unders

4 hang clean or 8 squat jumps

Strength emom 10

2 deadlifts

1 power clean

2 hang clean

1 shoulder press

1 push press


4 Kettlebell squats

4 kettlebell swings

4 kettlebell/dumbbell push press each arm


6 mountain climbers

6 push-ups

6 sit-ups

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Rower and 14kg DB hang clean. 6:54


Heather Behan
Heather Behan
Mar 25, 2020

Bonus WOAH 👍🏻


A Munley
A Munley
Mar 24, 2020

Usual warmup plus fencing drills then the WOAH but with 15kg plate squats and 15kg plate sit-ups. 15min run.

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