• Ron McKinstray

“Bash In The Box”

On October 19th we are having a party. You can get your tickets online or simply reserve your tickets by putting your payment in an envelope with your name and number of tickets you require. Tickets are £10. Dress code is informal but don’t let us putting on your posh frocks. Live music on the night with the absolutely amazing “Done and Dusted”. They have waived their fee for the evening, allowing us to raise more funding on the back of our Half Marathon Row which has now raised over £8000. so get your tickets now please. We need to know numbers for the party

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Megan's Saturday Morning Session 15/05/21

In 3 mins Complete Round 1 15 DB Bench Press 10 Box jumps 10 Pistols or Sit up to Stand In the 2nd 3 mins complete Round 2 15 Pull ups 10 Burpees 10 Power cleans 60/42.5 kg Complete this routine 4 tim

Friday 14/05/21

Friday 14/05/21 Team Wod 4 x 250 m Row each Then, 8 Rounds alternating exercises of: 12 BB Thruster 42.5/30 kg 12 Slam Ball Over shoulder 12 MB LRC Sit ups 12 BB Bent’O’ Row 42.5/30 kg 12 KBS 24/16 kg

Thursday 13/05/21

Thursday 13/05/21 BBC warm up 5 reps of each DL-HPCL-FSQ-PP-BSQ 40/25 kg WOD 25 min AMRAP 250 m Row 05 Deadlift 05 Hang Power Clean 05 Front Squat 05 Push Press 05 Back squat

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