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App Update

Morning All,

To keep you all up to date with the Fit by Wix App.

We have been working on it so you will see some slight changes over time.

Now you can book all your classes up to the end of the year! Whooohoo

You can select what days you can make over the festive period.

Don't worry if the classes get really busy we will open up additional spaces.

(The more the merrier we say!)

We have added a challenge tab where you can take part in monthly challenges throughout the year.

We will be adding an events page which will be for 1 off days in the gym.

(For Example: Weightlifting / Gymnastic classes, Competitions (internal & external), Charity events and more).

We have a meet the team tab so you can all put a face to the name.

We hope you are all enjoying the gym and we look forward to improving as times goes on.

Have a lovely day!

CrossFit Scotland Team

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