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On Friday 16th February it is our tenth Anniversary

To celebrate and to say thank you we are holding a raffle.

One lucky ticket for £10 could win you :


That is a prize with a potential value of £7800

Tickets can be purchased only in the gym. You can purchase

as many tickets as you want. All proceeds from the raffle will

be used to purchase new equipment for the gym. We aim to

Win £7800

draw the raffle on 16th March giving you one month to purchase

your tickets.

Terms & Conditions

One ticket will be drawn and it is the responsibility of the holder

of the winning ticket to produce the matching ticket. When validated

the holder will be immediately upgraded to ten years Unlimited


A minimum of 150 tickets must be sold for the draw to proceed.

If less than 150 tickets are sold, the draw will be cancelled and all

monies refunded.

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