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Welcome to "That Was The Week That Was" (TWTWTW)

On Monday Ronnie got the week of to a good start with some Rowing Technique.

Concentrating on some basic drills.

The ABC's.

Drive with the legs.

Handle pulled into the lower chest/upper abs.


Arms in first. Body to follow.



The WOD that followed made good use of the Rowing Technique session.

Min 1 Row 17/14 Cals Min 2 Bar Complex - 3 DL + 1 HPCL + 1 SQCL + 1 THR

On Tuesday we celebrated our newest new friend and member Ross all the way from Dubai. After watching Ross train on Sunday.

I decided to use the WOD he did as today's WOD

25 min AMRAP

05 Pull ups 06 Power Cleans 50/35 kg 07 BF Burpees 08 Air Squats 09 Sit ups 20 DU's/40 Singles

Very Tasty

On Wednesday Ronnie conducted a experiment on attitude shown towards the suggested weight recommendations.

Every WOD we Put up the Recommended Wt for each exercise and most members scale it.

On Wednesday Ronnie put up a range of of Wt to pick from ie 50 - 70/30 - 50 kg instead of 70/50 kg. (daytime classes only)

Most members still scaled the wt to less than the 50/35 kg.

This proves the point that a lot of members still haven't go to grips with the need to use challenging Wts if you want to improve all elements of your fitness.

The Scientific name for what we do here is known as "The Progressive Resistance Training Method". A more up to date description, taking into account

CrossFit Style training might be "The Progressive Intensity Training method". Never mind what label you put on it. It's clear that in order to improve you must

take yourself out of your comfort zone.

So Guys'N'Dolls. Start ramping it up. CAPISCE!

Thursday - Brutality

Three versions of This 20 min AMRAP

Super Humans

25 Burpees - 15 Body Weight Back Squats

Semi Super Humans

20 Burpees - 15 Back Squats 3/4 BW Ladies 1/2 BW

Mere Mortals

15 Burpees - 15 Empty Bar Back Squats 20/15 kg

Which were you?

Friday Team WOD

4 mins On - 2 mins Off

A combination of Burpee Box Jump 'N'overs - Cal Row

Maximum Power Cleans

5 Rounds increasing wt each Round

Everyone agreed it was more fun when you went heavy.

Peter's Saturday Sizzler

A 24 min Lung Buster of an AMRAP

20/16 Cal Row or Vampire Bike

10 WBS 20 Push ups 10 Sit ups

Kev's Sunday Session & Crossfit Scoland Barbell Club

Deadlift Sumo Deadlift Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Well done to the 18 people that made the effort to come along on a cold and snowy

Sunday morning. This is the kind of effort and commitment that makes the difference.

Taking of commitment and effort.

Special praise to our Laney who has many challenges to deal with.

Even although she was suffering discomfort from a prosthetic leg that no longer fits correctly.

She did the only thing she could. She ditched the prosthetic leg. Dusted off her best set of crutches,

got herself down to the box and trained. Remember this next time you're thinking of missing training

because of some minor ailment.

Only 8 days to the Open

See you next week for more "That Was The Week That Was"

Who the feck's that?

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