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Welcome to "That Was The Week That Was" The week started with a simple 3 x 7 min AMRAP with 3 mins rest. 1000 m row. Followed by As Many Reps As Possible of WBS, then Pull ups and finally KBS A tasty starter. True grit was required especially on the third Row. On Tuesday Ronnie put together a interesting combination of Cal row and GTOH How many Burpees did you have to do after the second batch of Rowing? Well the WOD was called Consequences. On Wednesday over 100 members helped Morag celebrate her Birthday(32 years and 96 months young) Let Morag know how much you all enjoyed the MB Clusters. Now on Thursday. Ronnies WOD included a challenging warm up called "Auntie" with lots of Jumping Jacks, Squats and Running on the Spot. Followed by "Shifting Steel" Cal Row and a choice of Thruster load. Light and High reps, Medium load and Mid range Reps or Heavy load and less Reps. What was your Choice and was it the right one? Friday Team WOD - 10 min Partner Row - Shared 10 min Circuit - 10 min Partner Row. Did your team manage to get within 100 m of your first Row? The Saturday Morning Session was a Sizzler. 2 x 100 m Rows. Split by a energy sapping Couplet of 14 DB Deadlift and Alt DB Strict Shoulder Press. At 22.5/15 kg this was a totally character building session. Well done to all who got all 7 Rounds and kept it Strict. Sunday morning Started with a simple combination. 3 Rounds of 250 m 15 KBS 250 m 15 Pull ups 250 m 15 Stiff Leg Sit ups 250 m 15 DB Push Press Sunday 10.00 am Started our first "Crossfit Scotland Barbell Club" Session Featuring Front Squat, Squat Clean and Thruster Technique. The session finished with a WOD called " Death By Thruster" The Barbell Club sessions start at 10.00 am and last for about 90 mins. All are welcome and it's FREE. Why not us our new online booking system and join in the Fun. See you all next week for more of "That Was The Week That Was" 

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