Inside the box

With over 5000 sq ft of training space at CrossFit Scotland we offer enough space for everyone to train. We are proud to be the longest established CrossFit "Box" in Scotland and have remained true to the core values of CrossFit since opening in February 2008.


Our "Box" has two distinct areas, a smaller but no less well equipped area for "On Ramp" workouts and a large arena at the other end. We like to think of them as the shallow and deep end. The shallow end affords new members the time to learn and build fitness before progressing to the deep end.

New members are "inducted" in to the Box by initially learning The CrossFit Warm-up and then proceeding on to scaled Wods that suit their abilities. Everything we do can be fully scaled to meet each individuals requirements and our ten years of experience has made us experts in looking after members needs. Working with you we will grow your fitness and soon you will not believe where you started.

Row @ CrossFit Scotland
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