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If you are considering joining CrossFit Scotland the first thing to do is book a FREE TRIAL.

A common question we are asked is "what happens when I come in to the gym for a free trial"

Everyone that comes through our doors is taught the CrossFit Warm-up on their first visit. We have been carrying out the same warm-up for ten years and its efficacy is well proven.

We will go over the fundamental movements and it provides two opportunities. Firstly it lets you discover how we teach and it allows us to assess how you move and what are your individual requirements. 

Depending upon your level of fitness, and it truly does not matter whether you are fit or not, we will give you the opportunity to experience a CrossFit Workout. 

The choice to join or not is then yours to make. Of course if we've done our job properly we hope you will choose to join and begin your journey to a new you. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or online.

We offer different membership plans :

  • Gold - which allows unlimited use of the gym

  • Silver - allows three visits per week plus attendance at the CrossFit Scotland Barbell Club on a Sunday morning

We also offer:

  • Platinum - Annual membership which comes with your very own Olympic Barbell for your exclusive use.

The membership you choose is entirely up to you. Your  current level of fitness should be taken into consideration when joining. The good news is, whatever your current level, you will get fitter and quiet quickly. If you join as Silver you can easily transfer to Gold.

In the "box" we operate to distinct areas which are simply described as the "Shallow end" & "Deep end". Again, depending upon our assessment of your requirements, we will decide which area suits you best. 

We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy your FREE TRIAL. There is nothing to fear about it apart from fear itself.

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