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During the recent extended period of lockdowns Group Running has experienced massive growth. When we were all confined to home and had to avoid shops at least we could stil get outdoors and clear the head.

Since the end of lockdown, Group Runnning has remained strong. Whilst the benefits physically and mentally are rewarding the one component that is missed are upper body exercises. 

In step CrossRun. Our innovative new program, designed to be an adjunct to your running program. Of course, if you only want to run, then keep running. However, should you wish to add in an upper body element to your workout and experience all over body toning, then CrossRun may just be the extra challenge you are looking for.

It is still running in a group but with an extra element included to the workout. Give it a go, you may just enjoy it!

If you are interested in booking a class, send Ron a message on 07775583030 for the password for booking.

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